Equipment Management Solutions

Cat짰 EMSolutions is a portfolio of technology-enabled services providing equipment management solutions to help clients increase uptime and lower operating costs. Level 1: ACCESS acts as the foundation and builds upon itself in each level up to Level 5: MANAGE, which includes all level capabilities and offerings.

Whether you want your whole fleet connected, or you want to monitor some assets at a different level than others, our Equipment Management Solution can be tailored to your specific needs.

EMSolutions is made up of five technology-based solutions:



Level 1: AccessLevel 1: Access - Read MoreLevel 1: ACCESS helps you manage your equipment fleet by utilizing Cat Product Link hardware and the VisionLink interface to show you where your equipment is and what it is doing in near real-time. Through ACCESS, you can manage and save on fuel costs by understanding how much fuel equipment is using and why, see idle time, operator technique and more. ACCESS also allows you to identify what parts you may need and links directly to Cat PartStore for easy ordering. With ACCESS you can plan preventative maintenance for your fleet by setting up alerts for upcoming maintenance intervals or scheduling major component repair. If Empire performs your fluid analysis, your reports are integrated for visibility within VisionLink. That's not all. ACCESS can also allow you to track operator performance with operator-induced alerts, helping you determine if and when further operator training is needed. And, by designating operation zones, you can receive alerts when equipment moves in or out of site boundaries. Contact Empire Today


Level 2: InformLevel 2: Inform - Read MoreLevel 2: INFORM provides you with an automated monthly report containing health and utilization trends based on your fleet's electronic information and capabilities. This report also provides you with benchmark comparisons against geographic region averages to provide a high-level snapshot of your fleet's relative performance as compared to other fleets in the region. This information can be used to determine if there are areas that need to be looked into further for more information. Contact Empire Today


Level 3: AdviseLevel 3: Advise - Read MoreIn Level 3: ADVISE, Empire provides you with expert analysis and recommendations that help you make better-informed decisions. Empire uses the technology of EMSolutions to deliver exclusive equipment management solutions to help you schedule timely maintenance, reduce operating expenses and improve the overall health of your fleet. Empire?셲 interpretation of event and diagnostic codes can also help identify where training is needed and improve operator performance. By analyzing multiple data elements, including electronic data, equipment history, work site assessment and fluid analysis, Empire can provide you with valuable diagnostic and proactive maintenance suggestions. Contact Empire Today


Level 4: SupportLevel 4: Support - Read MoreLevel 4: SUPPORT provides you with your choice of Client Service Agreements, all designed to help you lower operating costs and increase equipment productivity. These customized plans include machine safety and operational inspections, cover mixed fleets and are performed at YOUR job site. There are various levels of preventative maintenance plans available within SUPPORT, which can be customized to meet your needs. Empire has the right offering to fit your business goals. Contact Empire Today


Level 5: ManageLevel 5: Manage - Read More Empire Total Maintenance & Repair Level 5: MANAGE is a custom-tailored service option that proactively manages your equipment by having Empire perform total maintenance of your asset. By taking on all responsibility of machine management, this solution allows you to focus on your business and not worry about machine uptime. Contact Empire Today
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